During times of Covid-19 we have had to reduce our worship. Currently Mass is said on Monday at 10am, Tuesday to Friday at 12.15, & Saturday at 10. Our principal time of worship is the Parish Mass on Sunday at 10am. Our live & recorded streams can be found here.

We have aJunior Church. There is a flourishing Walsingham Cell whose members celebrate a monthly mass and are very regular attendees at the Shrine, both on day pilgrimages and longer retreats.

We celebrate the Church Calendar with enthusiasm and reverence, never stinting on the liturgy, and find that the extensive forecourt at the West End is ideal for spreading ourselves into the community. The Anglo-Catholic core of our belief is deep, and we have always immersed ourselves in it.

We are blessed with a long standing and knowledgeable organist, who has the joy and help of a group of professional singers.

Our young Altar servers have been well trained by their experienced fellows. They are a credit to the church

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