We are blessed with a long standing and knowledgeable organist, who has the joy and help of a group of professional singers. 

David Lloyd is our organist and choir master he first became involved with church music as a chorister at Stoke Parish Church, now Stoke Minster in Stoke on Trent. During that time, he received organ lessons from Michael Rhodes. After moving to London, he studied organ with Peter Morse and John Scott. He graduated with a music degree from London University, studying composition with Edward Gregson. Subsequently, he gained a Masters degree from Guildhall School of Music and Drama/City University. Whilst there, he studied piano with Susan Bradshaw and composition with Robert Saxton. He has been organist and director of Music at St Stephens Church in Lewisham since 1984 and has performed at a range of venues including the Barbican Concert Hall and the South Bank. As a composer he has written for a variety of forces with numerous performances and recordings including his most recent album which was released on Spotify and Apple music. 

Samples of the choir

Jesu my Lord my God my all      tune is Stella
The Shepherds Carol                 Benjamin Britten
Evening Hymn                            David Lloyd
Beati Quorum via.                      Charles Villiers Stanford


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Saint Stephen with Saint Mark Lewisham PCC

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